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ʻĀina Based Resources

along Educational Pathways through Place

This site is reflective of an educational journey centered around the Palauea Cultural Preserve. The cultural themes of Moʻolelo (cultural histories), Moʻokūʻauhau (genealogies) and Aloha ʻĀina (active cutlure based stewardship) the foundation of cultural and educational approaches to engaging with ʻāina. Resources that can be found within include examples of primary resources such as maps, newspapers, and other historical documents as well as weblinks to repositories where these resources are housed. An overview of the project includes short summaries of select works that have guided the course of the research exploration along with the collection and organization of this site.

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Aloha Mai

This site is built for students, ʻohana, and community to reconnect to the Palauea Cultural Preserve through examinatino of elemens of the cultural landscape of the broader moku of Honuaʻula. The narratives in this site and the resoures within invite users to critically engae the dynamic history and nature of the Cultural Preserve. These resources have been gathered here to support learners in schools, communities, and ʻohana in their own research and efforts towards advancing knowledge of culture, place, and identity through ʻāina based resources.

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E komo mai, E kipa


The Palauea Cultural Preserve

An introduction to the Palauea Cultural Preserve and its setting within the greater moku (traditional land division comprised of ahupuaʻa and other smaller land divisions but smaller than a mokupuni [island])

Community Resources

A collection of resources and weblinks curated to create and maintain educational ala (pathways) through the cultural landscape of Honuaʻula and the Preserve to facilitate efforts towards deeper, respectful, connections to place.

Project Overview

Review of previous and on going programs that have influenced and inspired the creation of this site. Also includes some academic context into the organization of the site and resources.

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Regarding Site Maps, Photos, and Linked Sites

All of the presented content has been included for educational purposes. 

All Pictures used in this site are taken by the author or the Kekaulike Grant Team.

All GIS Maps were collected from the current Preservation Plan for Palauea (Nohopapa 2017)

Aerial photos were from a USGS Aerial Survey from the Hawaiʻi State Archives. 

The content of all weblinks that have been included on this page as well as descriptive narratives are property of their originating sites.

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